Skye Monroe just moved to Austin to start college. Shy, studious and artistic, she’d rather keep to herself. But when she gets talked into attending a school football game by a new friend, the drop-dead gorgeous quarterback can’t take his eyes off her. Will Blake Travis be the one to bring Skye out of her shell?

Blake Travis is saving himself. The hottest, most eligible star at UT just isn’t interested in playing any other field except the one with a football on it. A romantic at heart, he’s holding out for the real thing. As soon as he lays eyes on the shy stranger with the smoky green eyes and flaxen hair, he knows he’s found her.

SCORE is a super-sweet, safe, scorching-hot love story about first love. No cheating, love triangles or cliffhangers.

Book #1 in the Travis Brothers series

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Ethan Travis just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He’s shell-shocked. Loud noises make him jump. He feels like an outcast in civilian society. He’s haunted by the violence that has consumed him for more than a year. When Ethan meets a gorgeous, fun-loving redhead named Piper, he knows he can’t handle a relationship, especially with a golden girl like her. But that doesn’t stop him from thinking about her day and night. 

Piper Jameson is studying psychology at UT. When she meets the ultra-hot combat hero Ethan, she’s riveted not only by his rugged good looks but also by his obvious vulnerabilities. She yearns to get close to him, and to begin to heal him. They share a night of passion that’s so hot she realizes she’s not only in lust but in love.

For Piper's sake, Ethan tries to stay away. He wants her more than he can bear, but he's afraid of hurting her with his own emotional scars. The problem is, no matter how much he fights his obsession, he can't stop himself. He has to make her his. He knows in his heart she's the one.

Ethan and Piper are meant for each other, but will his damages get in the way of their HEA?

Book #2 in the Travis Brothers series